Saturday, 3 October 2009

This is my official swansong here, although I might occasionally drop in just to keep this blog alive and in it's place. I don't know how websites work, and if I just leave it by itself, whether blogger will shut it down or not.

But my main musings will be at the address provided at the top so thank you for a splendid 2 years here! Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for reading then texting me haha... It's been a great avenue for me to express myself!

So, I will take my bow. And see you at the other site: summerofblues :)

All my love to those I love!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Today in the weather races, Sydney trumped Singapore! Believe it!!!!!
We were nice and sunny at 33dc, while the max temperature for Singapore was 30 :)
I have been so conditioned to the cold, that Terence had to convince me not to bring my sweater out with me!
But once I stepped out into the sun, AHHHHHHH. What was I thinking.

We had a pleasant lunch at Bondi Beach today, which was PACKED. Quite a happy, relaxed vibe as girls were in their bikinis, guys in their boardshorts.

I had an iced chocolate (not iced and it had whipped cream URGH), and a club sandwich minus the egg (hahahaha xue. I should have fed-exed the egg to you pleaseeeeeeee). Beebs had a honey strawberry smoothie (same complaint-not even cold) and a vegetarian lagsana.
On this topic, his food choices sometimes stump me cos I am such a meat lover and he does have his vegetarian moments. We thought of having Vegetarian Mondays to save the earth/eat less meat but so far have not carried it out. Well he did today, but it's not Monday. Bahaha.

I bought a bikini set from Between The Flags, so top and bottom tgt cost 55AUS in total, which is quite cheap since the quality looks good. Prob only can wear it during my next trip down under as it's going to be raining next few days :(
So...great that I had this opportunity to gloat about the weather today since we're anticipating showers over the weekend haha
That's all for today!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Come with me together, and we can take the long way home.

Ok, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Sorta, almost, maybe felt more like summer today. Oh speaking of which, we caught (500) days of summer at the movies yesterday :) Not your typical rom com indeed. Zooey Deschanel is quirky cute! I think she must be like that in real life or her acting's pretty good. Either way. And temp. was 26dc today (big smile on face). which made showering in the morning and at night that bit easier on the bones (yesssssssssssss. I am that crazy girl who's hung up enough on her cleanliness to still shower twice a day). Ok, I remembered I said would let the pics do the talking (click on them for a clearer look).

The cinema, right in our own Bondi Westfield mall, which is what is Great World City to me in Sydney.

My lipstick!!! All eaten away with my lunch!!! Haha.. and the gangsta's in the hood yo!

Was going for a Grease lightnin'! look. This is Sandy's dress and she borrowed Danny's jacket :)

Can you see us??????

A fabulous installation/exhibit at Bondi Westfield. All the mannequins are clothed in the season's latest!

Introducing my favourite sleepwear label: Peter Alexander! And the packaging...what a dream!!!!!! :)

And this FABULOUSLY nautical-chic slip is what I bought!!! Fun fun fun!!!!

I think this is what all campuses should be like. This is my favourite spot for sunbathing & people-watching at UNSW :)

"We are young, we run green, keep our teeth nice and clean. See our friends, see the sights, FEEL ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chanel. Mother of my Chantelle. Chantelle is my 21st birthday gift from Terence. Have you seen her yet????? Will post pics of her soon :) She's almost a year old now. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. tick-tock.

Can you see the mannequin's hair??? So cute and yet glammed up by the camellias. What a hoot! This is the Chanel store at Bondi Westfield-yes, everything is here. I HEART.

This is my big sofa. I invite you to come sit with me hahaha.

This is Central Railway Station. Reminds me just a little bit of London. Which I miss tons and tons.

Terence. Slightly miserable cos he was waiting for his food to come. He was hangry (hungry+angry). Hahaha. Ok am totally making this up.

Lunch at Drunken Geisha which serves up asian cuisine. This was my Nasi Goreng. Hmmm.. not spicy enough by a mile. Best I ever, ever, ever, ever had was at Banyan Tree Bintan.

If I stare hard enough, I believe sambal chilli + chilli padis will miraculously appear...NOT :(

Terence's shot. Lovelieeeeeee! Looks like a painting. A little pop-artish. I likey.

The tram home. Nap time!!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nostalgic already

Hi everyone!
Thank you all for taking the time to visit us at our blog at
As Mel said, that site is pretty damn awesome and all credit goes to Terence :)
It's really the fruit of his labour, his baby!
I mean, I've been on blogger for more than 2 years come October and I really, really don't want to move.
(HAHAHA. Terence just looked at my screen and is up to some dramz about me being a traitor hahahaha)
partly why I'll miss it here is cos I love my site name rebeccasparkles. yes, vanity. tsk tsk.
But I want to show my full support, and hope you all will too :)
So, this is official- I will be moving to the other site on my birthday (a milestone always makes change easier, right?), which leaves me with a few more days at blogger.
So let's meet here tomorrow... it's still a date at Royal Rouge for now!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Meet my new friend: Pimpo

Terence & I ventured out of Sydney into the far-flung corners of New South Wales today by rail and bus.
Thank you everyone for your concern for us, but the sandstorm has not affected us in any way at all; except that the wind that is blowing the sand in from the desert is being suchabitch cos temperatures dropped to 18 max today which made it seem like well, winter all over again.
I was very determined to pull off my floral-dress-grounded-by-a-biker-jacket look with aplomb however, and I did.
Yes, the cold did get to my legs but so it did to my face as well. So what was I supposed to do? Wear a mask??????????
Ok, so check out our adventure in more detail (written by my darling Fiance) at !
I think I shall be making a permanent move there soon so, adjustments everybody! Change is upon us! Ha.
I'm dreaming of dinner on balmy nights at Bondi Beach with Terence. Well, it's most prob not gonna be balmy at all tmr night but I'm sure having my night out at a quaint 'lil cafe nonetheless!
See yaaaaaaaaa

Oh, and Pimpo is a Giant microbes plushy. He is supposedly a million times magnified version of a...Pimple. HAHAHA. loves!

Friday, 25 September 2009's surfing right up!

In Sydney already; sunny this time round!
Was sitting on the lawn at UNSW this morning and I got a singlet tan alr HAHAHA.
Imagine how powerful that is...... I don't tan very easily at all!
It's not that warm though if there's no sunshine; temp ranges from around 16degrees in the morning to about 23 max?
Air is still very dry and I'm still depending daily on an old faithful: Claratyne!
Broke out in an itchy rash upon arrival but I'm all sorted now, thank goodness :)
Terence and I flew in together (he transited for a day in SG before we left, having come from Weymouth England where he was competing) and it was a rather bumpy plane ride towards the end.
I dunno if you all have heard about Sydney's red skies and so on.. weather not being too friendly.
I think it was storming when we flew in, which caused our plane to keep circling around australia. Air traffic was very heavy probably due to visibility troubles, so we were delayed for a good half hour. During which, I might add, there was quite bad turbulence and when once I thought the plane lights came on again, it turned out to be a flash of lightning. Gahhhhhhh imagine that.
Was so, so scared. Terence was bored though, which helped me a little I guess. He tried his darndest to calm me down by talking to me, asking me to kiss him and so on...... But I was NOT to be comforted at all. Haha.. was being quite difficult at that moment, so THANK YOU TERENCE :)
So far we haven't done anth exciting; he's trying to sleep off the jet lag and I'm also sleeping alot in accordance. Haha.. Been cooking up a storm and watching dvds. I lovedddd sofia coppola's poptastic version of Marie Antoinette! And dear was sharp enough to spot a pair of converse sneakers in the midst of all that fancy footwear she collected! HAHA! wonder what that was supposed to mean.. Perhaps a metaphorical cameo by the director herself, which is really cool!
Also watched the film adaptation of my favourite book, Frankenstein. Naturally, nothing like Mary Shelley's amazing amazing work but I thought it was a good enough representation :)
Am glad to be back in the land of Arnott's Montes (a fantabulous chocolate coated biscuit!!), Solo (an almost-better-than-Coke spritzy lemonade drink) and no house lizards.
Also, Terence and I were at Myer, Target and David Jones that day and do you know what's up?????????? CHRISTMAS is up!!!!!!!!!!! Trims are for sale already, with the all essential baubles, stockings and even cards as well!
Am a happy lark :)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

There's a world outside your window

I am immensely proud of myself for finishing my essay today.
not that normally it would be a very notable feat considering word count is 1000 max and it's only worth 10% of the total grade.
But i was really suffering from a mushy brain and was very susceptible to spacing out. Like, after two sentences I would rub my eyes and drag out a long sigh cos that took supreme effort. And I was also suffering from Ireallywonderus howmanypeopleareinthesameboatus asmewhiletheothersarehavingcopiousamountsoffunitis. HAHA. can you even decipher that disease? Can't believe I'm still attempting to be funny here even though my brain is telling me that it only can muster a play-by-play account of my agony. You really must push yourself sometimes. For personal growth.
Well, it really doesn't help that everything that your eye scans seem to have 'long weekend/break' in it right? But it really goes to show that us Singaporeans are a stressed out bunch.
On a side note, I am loving the rain though. Are you? Even though I wish it wouldn't inconvenience motorists and old men and women trying to make their way around. It just feels FESTIVE! 
like, last week I was in the car and it started pouring, which led me to start singing Do they know it's Christmas Band Aid version (Chris Martin's voice is so beautifully haunting and Dido's is spectacular!!!). my sis was not in the mood to sing along though, cos she was reciting her history notes (a-levels just peeping around the corner haha). 
I'm not trying to be kooky/quirky/cute ok. I'm serious. I feel that Christmas is near and that makes me very happy :) Don't rain on my parade.
Ok, think I should sleep soon. Gotta fastest fingers first for online-check in tmr morning. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
My long weekend is here at long, long last!